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About Us

What Is Talent Provider?

TALENT PROVIDER is a unique online booking service that connects entertainers, booking agents, and talent buyers in their respective markets. Whether the buyer is looking to book a classically trained musician for an orchestra in their performing arts center, a comedy club owner or promoter searching for that up-and-coming comedian to fill spots in a club’s calendar, or a cruise line needing fly-on entertainment for a given port… we are here to help!  We work with event planners, agents, and buyers in many different markets in the entertainment business -- comedy club owners and promoters, campus activities directors, casino operators, fairs and festival buyers, and cruise line booking reps, just to name a few.

Two amazing features of the Talent Provider Network that benefit the buyer and assist in the search for entertainment are: "Distance To Venue" and "Deals Near You."

"Distance to Venue" Feature

As a talent buyer, enter your criteria for a particular date or dates in your search, number of shows required, and the event's city or zip code. You also have the option of entering a price range. Then our Talent Provider system will look for acts, entertainers, or shows already booked within 50-300 miles from your event's city or zip code (or cruise ship port). Any act that is within the 300 mile radius of your search (and is available for your event), will be displayed with a discounted rate. Entertainers are able to offer a discounted rate because the new booking would be near where they are already booked. In addition to utilizing the distance-to-venue feature, talent buyers can simply browse the many different categories of entertainers available in our network.

"Deals Near You" Feature

We also offer talent buyers "Deals Near You." This is where an artist or performer fills out an open gig request in their control panel that lets talent buyers or event planners know that particular artist or performer is available on certain dates before or after a gig that's already booked. They are "live" with a particular deal for only a certain amount of time (up to 21 days out) and offer up to a 50% discount just so additional dates can be secured to fill the calendar within a particular time frame. This deal will only be shown on the home page if the user is willing to enable the "share your location" pop-up to facilitate this feature.

How We Help Entertainers

As an entertainer, cutting back on travel costs and maximizing routing can be a concern – especially when trying to fill open dates in a booking calendar. The Talent Provider system can help you by trying to fill those open dates with gigs near where you are already booked. Keep in mind, entertainers in the Talent Provider Network database must meet certain criteria to become a member, and may continue to work with agents and managers through our system or be self-represented. All we ask that you register and create a complete press kit that will be reviewed by the Talent Provider team before it's posted and available for talent buyers to see. So get started and become a member today.

How We Help Agents

Talent Provider also helps agents in the booking process of the talent they represent. Both the agent and the talent register and create profiles, and then they are linked through the Talent Provider system. So, when the gig is booked with Talent Provider, the agent gets copied on all system emails that go to the entertainer. Agents automatically get their commissions directly deposited a few days after the entertainer performs.

Unique Booking Process

Transactions occur via automated system emails that relay information between buyers and entertainers (and agents if represented) throughout the entire process from the initial booking request, to counteroffer (if any), gig confirmations, deposits and final payments, post-event reviews, etc. So get started and become a member today.