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Features Offered by Talent Provider

Feature bronze head silver head gold head platinum head
All Talent Buyers see your press kit TP check TP check TP check TP check
Exposure Radius 50 Miles 100 Miles 200 Miles 300 Miles
Entertainment categories allowed 2 3 4 6
Photos in Press Kit 4 12 25 40
Videos in Press Kit 1 2 4 5
Receive gig requests by e-mail TP check TP check TP check TP check
Personalized Control Panel TP check TP check TP check TP check
Create your own Press Kit TP check TP check TP check TP check
Enter your entire itinerary of already booked gigs TP check TP check TP check TP check
Link to YouTube videos TP check TP check TP check TP check
Top priority in search results* - - TP check TP check
Scrolling Daily Deals ad on every page (timed exposure)* $25 $25 $25 $25
Featured on home page of Talent Provider FREE FREE FREE FREE

  1. Top Priority in Search Results.  This feature is based on an algorithm which causes the entertainer's act to show up closer to the top of search results when a buyer searches.  Each Act/Entertainer has a number associated with membership level.  Bronze=4, Silver=3, Gold=2, Platinum=1.  1's show up higher on the list than 2's, 2's show up higher than 3's, etc.  This criteria is applied after location, cost, date, and category have been filtered.

  2. Featured on Home Page of Talent Provider.  This is an automatic benefit for new members of Talent Provider.  Every new member will have exposure on Talent Provider's web pages at any given time. These ads are not time-specific or related to particular deals like the scrolling marquee.  These ads are large pictures that rotate from page to page throughout the Talent Provider website.Your ad is a direct link to your press kit.  This will get you maximum exposure which will, in the end, help you get more gigs.

  3. Scrolling Daily Deals ad on every page.  The scrolling marquee is a horizontal scrolling strip close to the top of Talent Provider’s home page.  It will cycle every few seconds and have four or more ads showing at a time.  The entire repertoire of ads will cycle through every few minutes.  The viewer will have the option of clicking an arrow at either end of the marquee to manually cycle it through left or right to see all of the deals.  Ads will continually be changing, old ads dropping off, new ads showing up, so it is possible that a talent buyer could cycle through the entire marquee and see a new ad each time he cycles through it.

    Ads will be location specific.  Your ad will show up only for buyers near your booked gig.  This feature is to help you, as an entertainer, find more gigs near your already booked gigs.  You will be allowed to advertise for 3 days before to 3 days after any already booked gig.  Your ad will expire before it becomes impossible to arrange transportation to another event.  If no one books you for any of the dates shown, the ad disappears when that time is up.  If someone books you for one of the dates, you are asked at the end of the booking process, “Do you want to keep your ad displayed?”  Just because someone books you for one performance, you may have enough available time to get another one or two performances within the time frame you are advertising.  If so, the ad remains in the scrolling marquee.  If not, it is removed.

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